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1: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Stamina Cycling

2 Rounds:

AMRAP :15s – Power Snatches 75 / 55 lb

Rest :45 between rounds.

2 Rounds:

AMRAP :30 – Power Snatches 95 / 65 lb

Rest 1:00 between rounds.

2 Rounds:

AMRAP :45 – Power Snatches 115 / 85 lb

Rest 1:15 between rounds.

– The idea with each of these loads is to hold onto the barbell for as much of the allotted time as possible. If needed, reduce the loads.

– The first barbell should be light enough to not need any breaks.

– The second barbell should still be light but 1 break is okay during each :30s window.

– The third barbell should be a moderate weight but one that you can still cycle. 1-2 breaks are okay in each of the :45s windows.

– Record reps completed during each window with your final score being the sum total.

MC: “Over the Edge” (Time)

5 Rounds For Time:

15 Overhead Squats 95 / 65 lb

12 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

9 Burpee Box Jumps (24″/20″)

– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– The weight on the bar should be light and something you could cycle for 20+ overhead squats unbroken when fresh. The bar will come from the floor, not the rack.

– If you do not think you can complete the chest to bar in 2-3 sets within the workout, let’s reduce the reps or modify the movement.

– Your burpees should face the box. Be sure to stand up all the way on the box before coming down.

– Score: Time



1. Aim to complete the overhead squats in 1-2 sets.

2. Aim to complete the chest to bar in 1-3 sets.

3. Find a steady pace on the burpee box jumps.

4. We’ll need to be smart about our strategy and sets early on so that we don’t burn up the shoulders. The only reason we break in this workout is because we CHOOSE to, not because we HAVE to (due to fatigue). While the barbell is light, 1 break could be the difference between going 2 sets or 3 sets on the chest to bar which is the true separator in this workout. Be smart on the barbell and pace the burpee box jumps so you can hold on for bigger sets on the chest to bar.



– Reduce Load

– Front Squats

– Single Dumbbell


– Reduce Reps

– Chin Over Bar Pull-Ups

– 6 Strict Chest To Bar or Chin Over Bar Pull-Ups

– 12 Dumbbell Plank Rows

– 18 Ring Rows


– Burpees To Taget

– Regular Burpees

– Bar Facing Burpees

EC: Metcon (Weight)


Body Armor

3 Giant Sets:

10-20 Second Single Arm Dumbbell Row Static Hold

14 Single Legged Romanian Kettlebell Deadlifts (7 Each)

20-40 Second Supinated Grip Dead Hang

14 Single Arm Dumbbell Arnold Presses (7 Each)

Rest As Needed Between Sets.

– Athlete’s choice on weights for the weighted movements.

– Record heaviest weights used on each of the weighted movements only.

– Overall score will be the sum total of weights recorded.