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1: Metcon (Weight)

Bench Press


Rest As Needed Between Sets.

All percentages based on 5RM Bench Press:

4 Reps @ 83%

2 Reps @ 100%

4 Reps @ 83%

2 Reps @ 105%

4 Reps @ 83%

2 Reps @ 110%

Movement Prep

Hit 2-3 warm-up sets before completing your first working set.

2: Metcon (Weight)

Positions: Static Holds

Accumulate The Following Totals In The Bottom Of The Squat:

Back Squat – 1 Set of :45s

Front Squat – 1 Set of :30s

Overhead Squat – 1 Sets of :15s

– The major goal of this piece is not the challenge of load, but more the challenge of finding great positioning in your squat holds.

– We are meant to be active in the bottom position of these holds (hips and glutes firing, midline rigid, upper back and shoulders feeling solid)

All sets completed with 73-75% of your 1RM Overhead Squat:

3: Metcon (Weight)

Clean Pulls

5 Sets:

1 Clean Deadlift

2 Low-Hang Clean Pulls

:5s Pause at Low-Hang (Shin Level)

1 Low-Hang Clean Pull

Rest As Needed Between Sets.

– Sets are intended to be completed unbroken.

– Check out the video for a visual on the flow.

– Building on last week with the same percentages, but a larger range of motion (low-hang versus last week’s hang).

All percentages based on 1RM Clean & Jerk:

Set 1 – 80%

Set 2 – 85%

Set 3+4+5 – 90%

MC: “Power Hour” (Time)

For Time:

50 Clean and Jerks 135 / 95 lb

On the Minute: 20 Double Unders

– Conditioning Category: Grind

– Flow: Starting at the 0:00, athletes will complete 20 double unders, then proceed to the barbell and start chipping away at the 50 clean and jerks. At the 1:00 mark, athletes will need to stop work on the barbell and complete another set of 20 double unders before going back to the barbell. Atheltes will continue on in this fashion until all clean and jerks have been completed.

– The weight on the bar should be something you could complete 15+ reps unbroken when fresh.

– Score: Total Time


– 30 Single Unders

– 20 Line Hops

– 15s Effort On Any Machine