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During core days you will move through the core work at a rapid pace with good form. Try to keep your heart rate elevated the entire time. Complete all 3 rounds of the numbers/letters grouped together (1A,1B) before moving to the next grouping of numbers/letters (2A/2B). Minimal rest between exercises and super sets.


–We use core work to…

1. Develop some great looking abs
2. Help your body recover by choosing exercises that open your shoulders and hips while also challenging your core
3. Extend your fat burning ​by moving through at a pace that keeps your heart rate in a fat burning zone the entire time.
This is a great way to add recovery cardio in a way that is much more fun than sitting on a rower for an hour

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1A: Medball Side Toss (3X10)

10 reps each side (R/L)

1B: Side Plank Elbow Touch (3X10)

10 reps each side (R/L)

1C: Leg Lifts (3X20)

2A: Weighted Plank (3X1min)

*(25/15 bumper plate)

2B: Russian Twists (3X20)

*(25/15 bumper plate)

2C: Strict Toes-To-Bar (3X10)

3A: Med Ball Slams (3X15)

*(30/20 slamball)

3B: Bar Rotations (3X10)

*(45/35 barbell)

3C: Roll Outs (3X10)

4: Metcon (No Measure)

20 Min of Cardio
*run, row, air dyne

** can do 5 or 10 min increments and switch if desired.