TUESDAY 9.1.20


TUESDAY 9.1.20

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August 31 – November 15, 2020
11 Weeks

Phase #1 – Aug 31 – Oct 4 (5 Weeks)
Deload Week – Oct 5 – 11
Phase #2 – Oct 12 – Nov 15 (5 Weeks)
Post-Cycle Deload – Nov 16 – Nov 22

In recent months, we’ve built a foundation.
We first addressed raw strength in the slow lifts.
We then took our efforts to barbell stamina.
Returning to the Three-Headed Monster… we now will address skills.

Gymnastic proficiency in our sport requires three components:
Gymnastic Technique
Strict Capacity
Kipping Capacity

On a stage that demands dozens of gymnastic movements, this proficiency can become a blurry goal. “Gymnasty” plans to address precisely that, structuring our training to approach each component intelligently. In each training week, we’ll address these focus areas with (3) dedicated training parts:
Strict Gymnastics – A dedicated running-clock effort tracking towards the development of technical proficiency. Think “Strict JT”.

Gymnastic Capacity – Volume-based, building our upper limit abilities. Think 30 Kipping Ring Muscle-Ups for Time.

“Fartlek” Intervals – Combining varying aerobic intensities to simulate a metabolic environment as we train a wide base of movements. Think bike intervals, combined with higher volume toes to bar.

The sum is truly greater than the parts, and we’re looking forward to seeing some PR’s on Week 11.

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MC: “Born to Run” (Time)

For Time:

400 Meter Run, 21 Burpees

400 Meter Run, 15 Burpees

400 Meter Run, 9 Burpees

200 Meter Run, 9 Power Cleans (135/95)

200 Meter Run, 15 Power Cleans (135/95)

200 Meter Run, 21 Power Cleans (135/95)


This medium-long range workout alternates from running to bodyweight and barbell movements

The manageable barbell weight and bodyweight stations will allow for consistent forward progress here

Your score is the total time it takes to complete the workout

The intended time range for this piece is between 12-20 minutes


Looking to choose a lighter weight for this workout that you can cycle for sets

When fresh, this should be a load you can move for 25+ unbroken reps


You can jump-up or step-up off the floor

Jump to full extension with some air under the feet and a small clap overhead

MC: Metcon (Distance)

Endurance Benchmark

10 Minute Max Meter on rower or cal on AAB

Rest 3 Minutes

10 Minute Max Meter on rower or cal on AAB

EC: Metcon (No Measure)




GHD Sit-Ups

After Each Set:

5 Walkouts

30 Second superman hold