TUESDAY 7.26.22


TUESDAY 7.26.22

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

Deload Week!

PLEASE continue to reserve classes through the Wodify app and cancel classes you are unable to make.

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1: Power Snatch (5X1)

5×1 Power Snatch @5-6/10 RPE

-Rest as needed b/t sets-

2: Power Clean (5X1)

5×1 Power Clean @5-6/10 RPE

-Rest as needed b/t sets-

3: Deadlift (5X3)

3 Deadlift @ 6/10 RPE Deadlift

3 Deadlift @ 6/10 RPE Deadlift

3 Deadlift @ 6/10 RPE Deadlift

3 Deadlift @ 6.5/10 RPE Deadlift

3 Deadlift @ 6.5/10 RPE Deadlift

MC: “Great White Shark” (5 Rounds for time)

5 Sets (1 Set every 90 seconds)

25′ Handstand Walk or 2 wall walks

10 Pistols Squats

Max effort Double Unders

-rest 30 seconds between rounds-

*Score is total number of Double Unders

Target Reps each set: 60+

Time Cap each set: 25


How to Pace: CHALLENGE! We want you to push your handstand walk and pistol speed to get to the double unders quick!

How it should Feel: If the first 2 movements are tougher for you then it will be MUSCULAR ENDURANCE! If they are easier, then it will likely feel GASSY with the double unders!


Handstand Walk: Unbroken is the goal!

Pistol Squat Steady pace and make sure you work on standing fully at top and full squat at bottom.

Double Unders: This is your time to practice this skill under a time clock. Even if you are doing 2 singles to every double under, continue practicing.


The SCALING aim is to build skill work.

Scaling option to finish near the target score:

10 -20 Handstand Shoulder Taps Wall Facing:

6 pistols (or 15 air squats)

Max double Unders

Shoulder taps are a good way to learn to shift weight. Facing the wall allows for a better stacked position but if you don’t feel safe, go back to the wall.