TUESDAY 7.2.19


TUESDAY 7.2.19

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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WU: Warm-up (No Measure)

500M Row

Foam Roll

Hip Halo

Shoulder Mob

1: Metcon (Weight)

On the 2:00 x 5 (5 Rounds):

5 Tempo Romanian Deadlifts

Handstand Walk Practice*
Tempo Romanian Deadlifts:

4s Negative, 1s Pause in bottom. Regular stand.

Sets #1+2+3 – 35% of 1RM Deadlift

Sets #4+5 – 40%

Here, we can cater to our current handstand walk level. If we thrive in this movement, we can move towards obstacles, turns, or even walking for speed. If we are working towards our first handstand walk, or the consistency of the movement, below are two drills to start with today to refine those mechanics.

Handstand Weight Shifting

Box Shoulder Taps

MC: “21 Guns” (Time)

For Time:


Strict Pull-Ups

Strict Handstand Pushups
This will be a repeated benchmark of ours for this cycle. In “Sled Dog”, we are going to hit the barbell hard in our stamina work. But we will be looking as well to bolster our gymnastic capacity along with.

MC2: “Sugar Daddy” (Time)

For Time:

21 Deadlifts, 400m Run

15 Deadlifts, 400m Run

9 Deadlifts, 400m Run
RX: 225/155

SC1:: 185/125