TUESDAY 6.2.20


TUESDAY 6.2.20

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1: Strict Hand Stand Push-Ups (1 set for max reps)



Setting a benchmark today with 1 set of max unbroken strict handstand push-ups

We’ve worked this movement over the past several weeks in more conservative pieces – now it’s time to push our limits

Choose a variation for this piece that allows you to complete at least 7 reps

You can put you feet on a box or bench to reduce the percentage of your bodyweight being pressed (see subs)

Your score is the total number of reps completed unbroken

MC: “Space Cadet” (Time)


Kipping Handstand Pushups

200 Meter Run


The running in today’s descending rep scheme couplet gives us a “break” from the higher skilled gymnastics movement

After completing the full set of handstand push-ups, you’ll run 200 meters before starting the next round

We intended time range for this workout is between 10-18 minutes


To complete this workout as written, we recommend having at least 21 kipping handstand push-ups unbroken when fresh

If you’re not quite there, you can reduce the reps or choose a variation from the “subs” section

With 84 total reps, take a look at some options for modifying volume:

Complete a fixed number each round [5-10 Reps]

Stay with descending rep scheme [14-12-10-8-6-4-2]


When considering substitutions for this station, note that this distance is designed to be completed in about 1 minute

EC: Metcon (Time)


Rowing Intervals

9 Rounds:

1:40 On

:20 Off


Set up the Concept 2 Rower for time intervals before beginning this piece

With a short amount of rest built in after each round, these are designed to be strong, yet sustainable efforts

Establish a speed in round 1 that you see yourself being able to maintain for the 8 rounds that follow