TUESDAY 5.18.21


TUESDAY 5.18.21

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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WU: Warm-up (No Measure)

Silverback Primer

3 Sets For Quality:

8 Half Kneeling Single Arm Arnold Press

8 Dumbbell Rows Each Arm

8 Double Dumbbell Skull Crushers

– Week 1 of 2 of our third set of Silverback Primers. We will repeat these 1 more time next week with the goal of building off this week.

– The major focus of these primers is always going to be movement quality or loading.

1: Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

Pressing Capacity

3 Sets:

Near Max Effort Ring Push-Ups

Rest as needed between sets.

1 Set:

Near Max Effort Tempo Double Dumbbell Bench Press 50 / 35 lb

*Tempo – 5s Down, Regular up.

– Set the rings low to the ground or if you do not have rings that go low enough, elevate the feet on a box. Full range of motion is locked out elbows at the top and shoulders to rings in the bottom.

– “Near max effort” implies that we are completing as many reps as possible until we get to our first slower or “sticky” rep or when the tempo is about to break rhythm.

– Aim to rest 2:00+ minutes between sets of ring push-ups.

– Record all sets and reps.



– Deficit Push-Ups

– Hand-Release Push-Ups

– Regular Push-Ups

MC: “Microchip” (Time)

For Time:

50/35 Calorie Assault Bike

100 Double-Unders

1,500m Row

100 Double-Unders

50/35 Calorie Assault Bike

– Conditioning Category: Pacer

– The bike should take between 3-4 minutes

– The double unders should take 1-2 minutes.

– The row should take between 5-7 minutes.



1. This workout is all about what happens in the back half. Let’s be minful of this on the front half.

2. Aim for a consistent pace on the first bike. Ladies should try to hold over 200 watts while the gentlemen can try to hold over 300 watts on the assualt bike.

3. If double unders are a tougher movement for you or you tend to fatigue quickly, we can plan breaks at half way or every 20-25 reps order to chip away at the 100 reps. If you are proficient, let’s try to stay moving and relax the shoulders and grip as much as possible.

4. On the row we can set small little check points along the way to help it go by a little faster. This can be every 100m, 250m, or every 500m. This does not mean stop and take a break, this is just a mental check point to reach along the way. 5s slower than your 2k pace on the row may be helpful in making sure you find a sustainable pace.

5. Once you clear the rower, aim to speed up slightly if you can.



– 50/35 Cal Ski

– 70/50 Cal Row

– 800m Run


– 150 Single Unders

– 100 Line Hops

1,500M ROW

– 1,000m Ski

– 1,500m Run

– 3,000m Bike (Any)