TUESDAY 2.4.20


TUESDAY 2.4.20

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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WU: Warm-up (No Measure)

Banded Shoulder Distraction

Cross Over Symmetry

1: Strict Hand Stand Push-Ups (50 For Time (on the 0:00))

5 Minute Time Cap


Setting a baseline for strict handstand push-ups to start the day

The first three pieces today are all to be performed on a running clock

We have from the 0:00 – 5:00 for the strict handstand push-ups, giving us at least 2 minutes of rest before testing a max set of strict pull-ups on the 7:00

While there is a 5-minute limit, you’ll have more rest if you finish the 50 reps before the cap

If 50 reps seems like a lot to get done in 5 minutes, you can reduce the total volume, choose a variation, or simply see how many reps you can complete within the time frame

See below for potential subs


Reduce Reps

Max Reps in 5 Minutes

Double Dumbbell Strict Press

Feet on Box (Reduces Weight Being Pressed)

2: Strict Pull-Ups (1 set Max Unbroken (on the 7:00))


When the clock hits 7:00, you’ll have 3 minutes to complete 1 unbroken set of strict pull-ups

Let’s only take one attempt at these, as it’s unlikely we’ll improve the second time around within such a short window

Hold yourself to a high standard of strict movement to get an accurate idea of where you’re at on this movement

Keep the lower body locked out, make sure to reach full extension at the bottom of each rep, and pass the chin over the top of the bar

If you can get at least 1 rep without banded assistance, let’s complete these with full bodyweight

If you’re unable to complete a strict pull-up without a band, choose the least amount of resistance that allows you to complete at least 1 rep


Banded Strict Pull-up

MC: “Bubbles” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

(On the 10:00…)


8 Barbell Facing Burpees

25 Double Unders

Working a simple and effective combination of bar facing burpees and double unders in today’s conditioning piece

This workout starts at the 10 minute mark on the running clock

Bar Facing Burpees:

Set up a bar with standard plates on it to elevate it off the ground

Square up to the bar in the bottom of the burpee

You can jump up or step up out of the burpee

Take off and land with two feet for the jump over the bar

Choose a double under variation or rep number that can ideally be completed unbroken each round

EC: Metcon (Time)


Row conditioning

3 Rounds:

35/24 Calorie Row

Rest 1:30 Between Rounds

3 Rounds:

25/18 Calorie Row

Rest 1:30 Between Rounds

3 Rounds:

15/12 Calorie Row

Rest 1:30 Between Rounds
This Row Conditioning piece is a repeat from 11/30/19

We have 9 total intervals on the rower today, with decreasing calories every 3 sets

The goal is to keep the times for the 3 sets at the same calories within a few seconds of each other

As the calories decrease, see if you can increase the intensity

Record your times (not including rest) for all 9 rounds

Your final score is the sum total of time spent rowing