TUESDAY 11.24.20


TUESDAY 11.24.20

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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1: “Handstand Walk Benchmark” (Time)

Handstand Walk Benchmark

For Time:

300′ Handstand Walk

5:00 Time Cap

– Gymnastic benchmark testing inside “Racehorse”.

– The time cap is indeed aggressive, and we want a hard stop there.

– “Open standards” here, where we mark off a 25′ course with 5′ sections.

– Trace back to the last completed distance if/when we come down.

– Be mindful of the clock, taking mental note of where we are at the halfway point. Taking notes on our performance will be helpful on our re-test., which will take place at the end of the training cycle (right before the Open).



– 300′ Bear Crawl

– 5 x :30s Handstand Weight Shifts or Holds

– 5:00 of Practice

MC: “Triple Sec” (Time)

For Time:


Kipping Handstand Pushups

Toes to Bar

200 Double-Unders


Kipping Handstand Pushups (3.5″/2″)

CTB Pull-Ups

150 Double-Unders


Kipping Handstand Pushups (5″/3.5″)

Bar Muscle-Ups

100 Double-Unders

– Higher volume effort here where we’ll be steadily chipping away at the totals.

– In the Open, we’ve seen several “ladders”, but always with weights. Today, we’ll ladder up difficulty with our gymnastic pulling.


The Big Takeaways:

1. Begin with the end in mind… don’t get sucked into the first couplet.

2. As we fatigue, the movements get *more complex*. So it’s even easier to fall into the trap of pushing too hard early.

3. Slow things down today to focus on our technique, as the better we move, the longer our stamina will last.


– With the difficulty of the range of motion increasing each round, we need our strength for that third set.

– Pacing the first two couplets is a must to allow that.

– Whereas our cycle time may be quicker on the first set of reps, consider “balling up” more on the larger deficit sets to get more leg power into our kip when we need it most.


– With the movements progressing to the final Bar MU, we want to set ourselves up for success here with proper pacing.

– Break before we need to on the TTB and CTB. When we picture ourselves slowing down on Bar MU’s, we can quickly remember how fast seconds can travel by.

– As mentioned above, the quality of our reps will afford us the stamina to push hard at the end. If we find ourselves “muscling” through reps early on, it will come back to challenge us.