SATURDAY 6.26.21


SATURDAY 6.26.21

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June 21 – August 14, 2021
8 Weeks
To thrive in our sport on the weights, we need two related but independent capacities:
Strength, which is measured by our ability to move a heavy load once.
Stamina, which is the gritty ability to cycle for reps when others put the bar down.
It’s one thing to have a strong back squat for a single, but that doesn’t necessarily transfer to 50 thrusters for time. In “Grunt Work”, we’re going to bridge that gap. Taking the foundational strength from our previous cycle (“Silverback”), our focus turns now towards high volume squatting, barbell cycling intervals, and odd-object Body Armor sessions.
At the conclusion of the cycle, we’ll be re-testing the weightlifting benchmark we opened our previous cycle with – “Silverback”. With 16 weeks of squatting beneath our belt, we’re looking to forward to getting after some new PR’s.

Cycle Schedule
June 21 – July 18 Weeks 1-4 (Block #1)
July 19 Week 5: Deload
July 26 – August 14 Weeks 5-8 (Block #2)

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1: Metcon (No Measure)

Gymnastics Conditioning

EMOM x 12 (4 Rounds):

Minute 1- 15/12 Calorie Row

Minute 2: 25-50ft. Handstand Walk

Minute 3: 1-2 Rope Climbs

– In this piece, we’ll complete a different station each minute.

– More important than the number of rope climbs you complete and the distance of handstand walk you choose, is the quality of which each is done. Let’s aim to move really well on our gymnastics.

– On the handstand walks, focus on shifting your weight from hand to hand as you walk and keeping the legs under control.

– On the rope climbs, focus on keeping the arms straight during each clamp in order to practice getting the knees up without straining the arms.



– 12/9 Cal Assault or Echo Bike

– 200m Run


– Handstand Walk Practice

– Handstand Shoulder Taps Against A Wall

– 2/3 Wall Walks


– 3-5 Strict Pull-Ups

– 5-7 Kipping Pull-Ups

– 6-8 Alternating Dumbbell Plank Rows

2: Metcon (Weight)

Olympic Power

On the Minute x 12:

Mins 1+2+3 – 4 Power Cleans

Min 4 – Rest

Mins 5+6+7 – 3 Power Cleans

Min 8 – Rest

Mins 9+10+11 – 2 Power Cleans

– Reps do not have to be completed unbroken. For example, in minutes 1, 2, & 3, you can complete 4 single power cleans.

– Minute 1, start at and steadily build each minute from there.

– Input all 9 lifts as your score

MC: “Turf Toe” (Time)

“Turf Toe”

For Time:

15 Power Clean and Jerks 155 / 105 lb

800 Meter Run

30 Toes to Bar

800 Meter Run

30 Toes to Bar

800 Meter Run

15 Power Clean and Jerks 155 / 105 lb

– Conditioning Category: Pacer

– Choose a moderately heavy barbell weight that you’ll complete as singles during this chipper workout

– Let’s cap this piece at 30 minutes



1. Singles are likely the best option from the beginning on the clean and jerks. Practice staying close to the bar and keep urgency high here. Create a nice rhythm between reps that you can maintain for the 30 total reps.

2. Look to complete short bursts on the toes to bar. It’s not about the size of the set, it’s about the time between sets. Keep your sets quick and your breaks quicker over the 2 efforts on this movement.

3. Knowing we’re likely going with small sets on the toes to bar and singles on the barbell, look to push the run a bit. You can get the lungs back between these smaller sets on the the “inside” movements.



– 1,000/800 Meter Row

– 2,000/1,800 Meter Bike (Any)


– Knees To Chest

– V-Ups

– Weighted Sit-Ups