SATURDAY 11.7.20


SATURDAY 11.7.20

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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1: “Adderall” (AMRAP – Reps)

Minutes: 0-10 – 1M Run, Max CJ (135/95)

Minutes: 10-13 – Rest

Minutes: 13-20 – 800m Run, Max PSn(115/80)

Minutes: 20-23 – Rest

Minutes: 23-27 – 400m Run, Max Thr(95/65)


– “Adderall” is a CompTrain Benchmark workout that combines weightlifting and cardio

– This workout was last completed on 10.5.19

– As the time windows decrease (10-7-4), so do the run distances and weights on the barbell

– Your score for each round is total reps on the barbell

– Your final score for the workout is all three barbell rep numbers added together

– We’ll rest 3 minutes between rounds and change out weights


– If your best mile is above 8:30, reduce the distances to 1200-600-300 meters respectively

– This gives you enough time on the barbell for each round

– See “modifications” for running alternatives


– Choose your weights for each movement based off the following recommendations:

Clean and Jerks: 9+ Unbroken Reps When Fresh

Power Snatches: 15+ Unbroken Reps When Fresh

Thrusters: 21+ Unbroken Reps When Fresh