MONDAY 8.9.21


MONDAY 8.9.21

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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1: Metcon (Weight)

Back Squat Benchmark

5-Rep Max

– At the beginning of our last cycle “Silverback” we tested our 5rm back squat. After 2 full cycles and 16 weeks of hard work we are finally getting to re-test!

– Let’s make no more than 5 attempts at our 5RM.

– Record your heaviest successful set of 5 reps.

MC: Elizabeth (Time)


Clean, 135# / 95#

Ring Dips
(10:00 time cap)


– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– The weight on the bar should be a weight that we could complete 15+ squat cleans unbroken when fresh.

– The ring dips are kipping ring dips. If you cannot complete 10+ ring dips unbroken when fresh, reduce the reps.

– This is meant to be a quick workout, so scaling appropriately is important here.

– The 21’s should be completed in under 4:00

– The 15’s should be completed in under 3:00

– The 9’s should be completed in under 2:00

– Score: Time



– Power Cleans

– Double Dumbbell Squat Cleans


– 12-9-6 Strict Ring Dips

– Bar Dips

– Box Dips

– Bench Dips

– Use a Banded

– Feet Supported Ring Dips

– Jumping Ring Dips

EC: Metcon (No Measure)


Body Armor

3 Giant Sets:

7 Tempo Eccentric Ring Rows (5s Down)

14 Single Legged Weighted Glute Bridges (7/Leg)

21 Seated Banded Abductions

28 Banded Pull-Aparts

Rest 2:00 between sets.

– The tempo ring rows should have a controlled 5s descent. Squeeze the butt in order to keep the body rigid.

– The weighted glute bridges should be completed by holding a dumbbell across the hips. Athletes can use the same dumbbell across or increase weight each set.

– The seated abductions can be completed with a Hip Halo, small band, or a regular size band (wrap 2 times around the legs to make it smaller).

– The arms should stay completely locked out on the banded pull-apart with the shoulders and traps pressed down. Use a thin band for these.