MONDAY 8.31.20


MONDAY 8.31.20

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August 31 – November 15, 2020
11 Weeks

Phase #1 – Aug 31 – Oct 4 (5 Weeks)
Deload Week – Oct 5 – 11
Phase #2 – Oct 12 – Nov 15 (5 Weeks)
Post-Cycle Deload – Nov 16 – Nov 22

In recent months, we’ve built a foundation.
We first addressed raw strength in the slow lifts.
We then took our efforts to barbell stamina.
Returning to the Three-Headed Monster… we now will address skills.

Gymnastic proficiency in our sport requires three components:
Gymnastic Technique
Strict Capacity
Kipping Capacity

On a stage that demands dozens of gymnastic movements, this proficiency can become a blurry goal. “Gymnasty” plans to address precisely that, structuring our training to approach each component intelligently. In each training week, we’ll address these focus areas with (3) dedicated training parts:
Strict Gymnastics – A dedicated running-clock effort tracking towards the development of technical proficiency. Think “Strict JT”.

Gymnastic Capacity – Volume-based, building our upper limit abilities. Think 30 Kipping Ring Muscle-Ups for Time.

“Fartlek” Intervals – Combining varying aerobic intensities to simulate a metabolic environment as we train a wide base of movements. Think bike intervals, combined with higher volume toes to bar.

The sum is truly greater than the parts, and we’re looking forward to seeing some PR’s on Week 11.

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1: Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

Strict Gymnastic Benchmark

[On the 0:00]

Max Unbroken Strict Handstand Push-ups

[On the 2:00]

Max Unbroken Strict Pull-ups

[On the 5:00]


1 Pausing Strict Handstand Push-up

1 Pausing Strict Pull-up

2 Pausing Strict Handstand Push-ups

2 Pausing Strict Pull-ups

Add 1 Rep Per Round

[On the 10:00]


1 Pausing Ring Dip

1 Pausing Ring Row

2 Pausing Ring Dips

2 Pausing Ring Rows

Add 1 Rep Per Round


We will begin the day on a running clock that will take us through our first 4 pieces

This strict gymnastics piece begins our new cycle: “Gymnasty”

The max strict handstand push-ups will fatigue the shoulders which will have an effect on the strict pull-ups that follow

We will pause for once second with our chin over the bar in the pausing strict pull-up

We will pause for one second at the bottom of the rep for the strict handstand push-ups

Record your reps for each of the 4 sections

Your final score will be all 4 of these rep numbers added together



With muscle failure a real possibility here, we want to have a plan going into this

Smaller sets with quick rest will be the best plan of approach

Have a plan with rep numbers and stick to it

We want to be sure to stop our sets before we get to a slow or struggled rep

Take a break approximately 2 reps before you feel that slow rep coming on



We want to have our shoulders slightly externally rotated, so have your thumbs pointed slightly towards the wall

Our head and hands should make a triangle when our head makes contact with the ground

In the unbroken set, the moment the head touches the floor, we want to push away quickly

Don’t spend too much time in the bottom of the rep


We want to keep our pinky knuckle on top of the pull-up bar

When we pull-up, we are really pressing down, causing our body to go out and around the pull-up bar

Elbows should stay pointed in front of us during the rep



Box Handstand Push-ups

Standard Push-ups

Dual Dumbbell Strict Press


Banded Strict Pull-up

Ring Row

Bent Over Row

2: Metcon (Weight)

Olympic Technique A [On the 0:00]

7 Minutes to Build to a Moderate Complex:

1 + 1/4 Overhead Squat

1 Overhead Squat


We’ll start a new running clock for the next 3 lifting pieces [0:00-18:00]

When we say ‘build to a moderate,’ we are working to a weight that may challenge us slightly, but should result in a made lift over 90% of the time

The 1+1/4 overhead squat flows like this:

Squat to the bottom

Stand up a quarter of the way

Squat to the bottom

Stand to full extension

The complex is designed to be completed unbroken

Take the barbell out of a rack for each set

2A: Metcon (Weight)

Olympic Technique B [On the 7:00]

6 Minutes to Build to a Moderate Complex:

2 Snatch Balances


We will continue to use the same running clock here, immediately following our previous piece

We will build to a moderate double snatch balance

Again, this should be a weight that we should hit nearly every time, but heavy enough to make us focus on our technique



With the bar on our back, we want to start by making sure our elbows are pointed down towards the floor to allow for a straight bar path overhead

Aim for a small dip, strong drive, and an aggressive punch down under the bar

Our feet shouldn’t move a lot – maybe only an inch or two out

Speed and stability under the bar are the main focuses

2B: Metcon (Weight)

Olympic Technique C [On the 13:00]

5 Minutes to Build to a Moderate Complex:

1 High-Hang Squat Snatch


This is our last piece utilizing that same running clock

Again, we are building to a moderate weight

After the previous two pieces, speed and stability under the bar should carry over here

Going from the hang, the bar may have a tendency to pull us forward

To prevent that, keep a balanced foot and focus on getting the bar to move straight up instead of out



Keep the knuckles down when gripping the bar

Hips go up, not out when sending the bar overhead

Armpits facing the wall in front of you as you pull under and catch the bar

Press against the bar as you stand up out of the bottom

MC: “Empty Calories” (Time)


Row Calories

Overhead Squats (95/65)



This descending rep scheme workout combines rowing with light overhead squats for an effective couplet

The lighter weight allows for bigger sets, which enables you to rest very little and maintain a higher intensity

Your score is the total time it takes to complete the workout

The intended time range for this shorter piece is between 6-10 minutes


Choose a light weight that you don’t have to break more than once on all rounds

This should be a load you can complete for 30+ reps unbroken when fresh

You can squat snatch the first rep of each set if you’d like to


Men and Women will row the same number of calories

Reset your monitor to “0” after each set on the rower ”



This workout is very front-loaded, with 96 of the 144 total reps happening in the rounds of 27 and 21

With 2/3 of the work happening early on, this portion of the workout matters a lot

Look to put big efforts towards these opening two sets knowing there are very few reps in the final two sets


The first priority today is the overhead squats, as this is the only place we would stop moving

Let’s aim to complete each set with no more than 1 break

Once you’re through the bigger sets of 27 and 21, the last two sets 15 and 9 will feel less intimidating


We’re always moving on the rower, so this is our second priority

Aim to row at the maximum pace that supports big sets on the overhead squats

If you know going fast will negatively affect your ability to hold on here, slow it down a touch

If you know big sets of overhead squats won’t be a problem, see if you can get a little further outside your comfort zone



Equal Calorie Any Machine (To Maintain Rep Scheme)

Equal Rep 10-Meter Shuttle Runs