MONDAY 8.22.22


MONDAY 8.22.22

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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1: Metcon (Weight)

Tempo Back Squat 5×5
TEMPO Back Squat 5×5 (3:2:3:0)

3 Second descent, 2 second pause, 3 second ascent, no pause

2: Bench Press (8-8-6-6-4)

8 Bench Press @ 5/10 RPE

8 Bench Press @ 6/10 RPE

6 Bench Press @ 6.5/10 RPE

6 Bench Press @ 7/10 RPE

4 Bench Press @ 7/10 RPE

3: Deadlift (8-8-6-6-4)

8 Deadlift @ 5/10 RPE

8 Deadlift @ 6/10 RPE

6 Deadlift @ 6/10 RPE

6 Deadlift @ 7/10 RPE

4 Deadlift @ 7.5/10 RPE

* Based off of 1RM Deadlift

MC: “Margherita Pizza” (Time)

3 rounds

30 Sandbag Squats (70/50)

90 Double Unders

* Sandbag may be placed on the shoulder or bear hug position.

*Sub a Dumbbell (70/50) squat if needed (dumbbell can be placed on shoulder or goblet position)

Target Time: 6-7 minutes

Time Cap: 9 minutes


How to Pace: STEADY! We want you to move through at a fast but consistent pace each round and try for bigger sets with both movements.

How it should Feel: MUSCULAR ENDURANCE and/or GASSY! You will be out of breath as the weight is light enough for you to move through at a quick pace for the squats and stay consistent on the rope! Your legs may get a bit toasty with the squatting and jumping combo.


Sandbag Squats: Find a comfortable position for the sandbag and aim for each squat to look the same. If you go on the shoulder, we recommend switching shoulders each round. Work on finding a steady breathing cadence here!

Double Unders: Smooth is fast! Unbroken or close is the goal for these without feeling rushed.


The SCALING aim is to keep conscientious movement throughout.

Scaling option to finish near the target score:

3 rounds

20 Sandbag Squats (70/50)

60 Double Unders

Sub a Dumbbell (70/50) squat if needed (dumbbell can be placed on shoulder or goblet position)