MONDAY 5.2.16


MONDAY 5.2.16

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

Look better, feel better, be better

With summer coming up, exciting changes are ahead of us. Over the next three months, we will engage in a workout cycle adapted from Brute© designed to help you get stronger, explosive, muscular, lean and increase your endurance. What you can expect from this cycle’s programing is an upper/lower body split. We’ll be starting off the first week of May establishing our 1 rep max in core lifts, which will set the tone for our 3-month cycle. We will hit each body part at high volume, and then provide that body part enough rest to grow and recuperate. Daily programming will be time-intensive and require us to start on time to ensure we avoid injury and properly warm-up for our workouts. Expect to be sore, expect to achieve gains!

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– 500m Row

– YWTA (4×10)

– Hip Openers (1X3each)

Snatch (1RM)

Bench Press (1RM)

Metcon (Time)

For Time:



Ring Dips