MONDAY 11.9.20


MONDAY 11.9.20

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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1: Strict Hand Stand Push-Ups (Max Effort)

On the 0:00… Strict Handstand Pushup Benchmark

1 Set:

Max Unbroken Strict Handstand Push-ups

*Part #2 Starts on the 2:00*


– This is a re-test from the beginning of “Gymnasty” and the first of a two-part benchmark test.

– Take a look at your previous best effort and go for a new PR today!

– Strict pull-ups come next, our second benchmark for the day, at 2:00.

– The max strict handstand push-ups will fatigue the shoulders which will have an effect on the strict pull-ups that follow

2: Strict Pull-Ups (Max Effort)

On the 2:00… Strict Pull-Up Benchmark

On the 2:00…

Max Unbroken Strict Pull-ups


– This second part of the series call for max unbroken strict pull-ups.

– We want to try and stay on the bar until failure.

1: Metcon (Weight)

Pausing Snatch Complex

6 Sets:

1 Pausing Power Snatch (1″ above parallel)

1 Pausing Squat Snatch (bottom)

1s pause on all repetitions. On the Power Snatch, find the same receiving position from last week (1″ above parallel). A purposeful deeper catch once again focusing on footwork and positioning. A full pausing Squat Snatch to follow, with our pause in the bottom of our squat.

All repetitions based on 1RM Power Snatch:

Sets 1+2 – 70% (of 1RM Power Snatch)

Sets 3+4 – 74% (of 1RM Power Snatch)

Sets 5+6 – 78% (of 1RM Power Snatch)

Rest 1:00-2:00 between sets.


– Snatch complex work based on our 1RM power snatch.

– We will pause for one second in each movement.

– :01s pause one inch above parallell for the power snatch.

– :01s pause in the bottom of the squat snatch.

– These reps do not have to be touch and go, but no more than a 2-3 second break between the two reps.

– We will record all 6 loads, but our heaviest will be our score.

MC: “Shot Caller” (Time)

For Time:

5 Rounds:

21 Wallballs (20 / 14 lb)

18 Alternating Dumbbell Power Snatches (50 / 35 lb)

15 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

12 Toes to Bar


– Today’s 5-round workout has a nice mix of non-barbell weightlifting and gymnastics

– We expect this piece to take between 18-25 minutes to complete

– The goal is to choose weights, variations, or rep schemes that allow the work to be completed under the cap

– This works out to 5 minute rounds, or a 1:15 average per movement


– Choose a weight that you could complete for 50+ unbroken reps when fresh

– Men throw to 10 feet and Women throw to 9 feet


– Let’s choose a weight that can be completed for 30+ reps unbroken when fresh

– We’ll alternate arms on every rep for a total of 20 each side

– Both heads of the dumbbell should make contact with the floor between the feet


– These are standard box jumps, which require full extension at the top of each rep

– Jump up to the box for “RX”

– We encourage all athletes to step off or jump off the box instead of the riskier “rebounding” option


– If you have 15+ toes to bar unbroken, let’s complete this station as written

– If you’re not there yet, consider reducing reps or choosing another option from “modifications”