CrossFit – Wed, Nov 23


CrossFit – Wed, Nov 23

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Schedule Alert:

We will have our annual Thanksgiving Day WOD on Thursday 11.24 @ 9:00am.

This is our deload week and you’ve earned a little extra rest!

We are providing much less volume as a typical week so we can let our bodies have a break. If you need even more rest on some days of this week then take it!

Please continue to register for classes on Wodify and cancel any reservations you can’t make.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (3 Rounds for time)

3 sets (1 Set every 3 Minutes)

100 Double Unders

30 Push Ups

Target Time each set:  1 minute 30 seconds to 1 Minute 45 seconds

Time Cap each set:  2 minutes


How to Pace:  SPRINT! This workout is going to be a shoulder and chest pump! We want you to move as fast as possible each set since the built in rest is advantageous and movement volume should allow you to move quickly!

How it should feel:  LACTIC ACID PARTY! We will be working on push up volume while under fatigue.


Double Unders  : Ideally unbroken or 2-3 sets at most. We want to work on faster reps here!

Push Ups : Most of us need to break smart on the beginning sets. Aim for sets of 5+ throughout. If you are a push up ninja – try for 1-2 sets.


The SCALING aim is to have bigger unbroken sets of double unders and 4 sets or less of push ups.

Scaling option to finish near the target score:

5 sets (1 Set every 3 Minutes)

70 Double Unders

20 Push Ups

Overhead Walking Lunges + Heel Elevated Tempo Air Squats (No Measure)

10 Barbell Overhead Lunges + 10 Heel Elevated Air Squats

10 Barbell Overhead Lunges + 10 Heel Elevated Air Squats

10 Barbell Overhead Lunges + 10 Heel Elevated Air Squats