CrossFit – Wed, May 3


CrossFit – Wed, May 3

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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1:00 Banded Hip Flexor Stretch (Each Leg)

1:00 Front Rack Stretch

1:00 Banded Lat Stretch (Each Arm)

1:00 Squat Hold

Front Squat (6 Sets:
Set 1: 12 Front Squats @ 48%

Set 2: 10 Front Squats @ 58%

Set 3: 8 Front Squats @ 67%

Set 4: 12 Front Squats @ 52%

Set 5: 10 Front Squats @ 61%
Set 6: 8 Front Squats @ 70%
*Rest 1-2 min between sets)


– Barbell should come from a rack.

– The weights will climb, then come back down, then climb back up.

– Reps should be completed unbroken each set.

– Score: Enter weights used for each set.


1:00 Bottom Of Air Squat Hold

10 Air Squats

30s Empty Barbell Bottom of Front Squat Hold

10 Empty Barbell Front Squats

8 Front Squats (Light Weight)

6 Front Squats (Moderate Weight)

…Keep building (if needed) to 48% in sets of 3-4 reps

Bench Press (
Build To A Heavy Set of 5


– Barbell should be taken from a rack.

– If you don’t have a spotter, do not use collars on the bar for safety incase you miss a rep and need to dump the bar.

– The 5 reps need to be completed unbroken to count.

– We aren’t necessarily looking to hit a PR today but if it’s there, go for it!

– We recommend no more than 3 attempts at your heavy set of 5.

– Score: Enter heaviest set of 5 for today.


10 Push-Ups

10 Empty Barbell Bench Press

5 Reps @ Light Weight

3 Reps @ Moderate Weight

…Keep building (If needed) in sets of 2-3 until you are ready to make your first attempt at a heavy set of 5.

“Podiatry” (Calories)

On the 1:30 x 10 Rounds:

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Toes to Bar

30 Double Unders

Max Calorie Row

– Overview: In this grippy interval piece, athletes will aim to complete unbroken toes to bar/double under sets, then row at a fast, yet sustainable pace.

– Toes To Bar: Athletes should be able to complete the majority of these rounds unbroken.

– Double Unders: Reps should be completed in 45s or less each interval.

– Row: Athletes can keep their monitor running throughout the workout without needing to reset.

– Score: Total calories completed over the course of the 10 rounds.


– Aim for unbroken sets of toes to bar. In the later rounds, 1 quick break may be needed.

– Try to relax the shoulders as much as possible on the double unders.

– The most common pace we see on a rower is ladies holding about 12 cals a minute and guys holding about 15 cals a minute. If you get on the rower with 30s to go, you can aim for about half those cals (8 for the guys and 6 for the girls). Having this number goal can help hold you accountable as you start to feel the fatigue set in.

– Fast transitions will be key in this workout. If you need to chalk, get off the rower about 10s early to give yourself time to do so.



– Toes To As High As Possible

– Knees To Chest


– Sit-Ups


– Reduce Reps

– 45s Time Cap

– 45 Single Unders

– 30 Plate Hops


– Max Cals On Any Machine

– Max Shuttle Runs

– Max Burpees