CrossFit – Wed, Jun 28


CrossFit – Wed, Jun 28

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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1:00 Active Spiderman

1:00 Front Rack Stretch

1:00 Banded Front Rack Stretch (Each Arm)

1:00 Child’s Pose On Box

Shoulder Press (Heavy set of 5)


– Barbell should come from a rack.

– Athletes can take as many attempts as they would like.

– Score: Heaviest Successful Set of 5


30s Hang From Pull-up Bar

30s Overhead Hold (Empty Bar)

10 Push-Ups

10 Strict Presses (Empty Bar)

Build To Heavy Set of 5

Front Squat (Set 1: 5 Front Squats @ 50%
Set 2: 3 Front Squats @ 60%
Set 3: 1 Front Squat @ 70%
Set 4: Max Front Squats @ 75%

Rest 1-2 Minutes Between Set)


– Barbell should come from a rack.

– The weights will increase each set. The final set will be a max set.

– Score: Enter total reps completed for your max set.


1:00 Bottom Of Air Squat Hold

10 Air Squats

30s Empty Barbell Bottom of Front Squat Hold

10 Empty Barbell Front Squats

5 Front Squats (Light Weight)

3 Front Squats (Moderate Weight)

…Keep building until you reach 50%.

“The Rotator” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


9 Front Squats 75 / 55 lb

6 Handstand Push-ups

30 Double Unders

– Overview: Athletes should aim to move through this workout at their maximum sustainable pace. With small amounts of reps and lighter front squats, we can expect to complete 8 or more rounds in this 12 minute AMRAP.

– Front Squats: Loading should not exceed 45% of your 1RM front squat. Reps should be completed unbroken each round and take 30s or less to complete. Barbell should come from the floor.

– HSPU: Kipping or strict reps will be allowed here. Reps should be completed in 1-2 sets and should take 30s or less to complete each round.

– Double Unders: Reps should take 30s or less to complete each round.

– Score: Rounds + Reps


– Let’s aim to complete the front squats in unbroken sets of 9 each round. We do not need to cycle our squat quickly. This can be a place to catch the breath a bit.

– If we have the capacity to go unbroken on the HSPU, let’s do it. If we know that going unbroken is going to impact our shoulders for the double unders, let’s take 1 break right from the start or as soon as the shoulders start feeling fatigued.

– Aim for unbroken double unders each round. 1 quick break here is okay as long as we get right back to work in 5s or less.



– Reduce Reps

– Reduce Loading

– Sub Dumbbells

– 12 Air Squats


– Reduce Reps

– Use Riser

– Double Dumbbell Push Press

– Push-Ups


– Reduce Reps

– 30s Time Cap

– 45 Single Unders

– 30 Plate Hops

– 30s Effort On Any Machine