CrossFit – Wed, Feb 15


CrossFit – Wed, Feb 15

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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1:00 Banded Pass Throughs

1:00 Banded Lat Stretch (Each Arm)

1:00 Active Spiderman

1:00 KB Calf Smash (Each Leg)

“Jackie +” (Time)

In A 15 Minute Window…

For Time:

1,000 Meter Row

50 Thrusters 20 / 16 kg

30 Pull-ups

In Time Remaining:

Heavy Set of 5 Front Squats

*From The Floor

– Conditioning Category: Sprinty Threshold + Lift. Athletes will move at the highest end of their maximal sustainable pace in part 1. After, they’ll hit a heavy lift.

– Row: Should be completed in less than 4:30.

– Thrusters: Should be completed in less than 4:00. Loading should not exceed 40% of your 1RM thruster.

– Pull-Ups: Should be completed in less than 3:00.

– Front Squat: As soon as you finish “Jackie,” you’ll begin building to your heavy set of 5. The same bar you use for the workout will be the bar you load for the lift. You MAY squat clean and count it as your first front squat rep. Log this score on the next screen.

– Score: Total time it takes to complete the workout. Log your front squat.


– The last time we did “Jackie” was 11/12/2018.

– This workout is more of a sprint than it may appear.

– We should aim to row at a pace that is slightly outside our comfort zone but this pacing should not significantly impact our thrusters.

– With an empty bar for the thrusters, let’s aim for BIG sets here. We can aim for 1-3 sets here.

– The pull-ups will come down to your capacity but let’s choose the strategy that allows us to rest the least amount of time. Sets of 3, sets of 5, 8-8-7-7, and 18-12, are all potential options.

– When you finish “Jackie” the legs and the lungs are going to be tired (naturally). Let’s give ourselves 30s or so to recover and get our bar loaded. Having an “easy” lift, and “solid” lift, and a “reach” lift makes it simple to know what to load on the bar. If you are short on time just get what you can!

Front Squat (

Record Heavy Set of 5 Here

Cardio Intervals (Extra Credit) (Time)

AMRAP 2 [Until 150/120 Ski Erg Calories]:

15/12 Calorie Echo Bike

Max Calorie Ski Erg

Rest 1:00 Between AMRAPs

[Time Cap: 30 Minutes]

– The echo bike should take about a minute of each interval, leaving about a minute on the ski erg.

– Averaging around 15/12 cals on the ski each round is a solid place to be.

– Score: Total time it takes to complete 150/120 cals on the ski erg including rest.



– Reduce Cals

– 1:15 Time Cap

– 15/12 Cal Assault Bike

– 15/12 Cal Ski Erg

– 21/15 Cal Row or Bike Erg

– 15/12 Cal Air Run

– 200m Run

– 15 x 10m Shuttle Run


– Max Cals On Any Machine

– Max Shuttle Runs

– Max Burpees

– Max Box Jumps

“Skill Conditioning” (Extra Credit 2) (Time)

10 Rounds For Time:

1 Rope Climb (15ft.)

25ft. Handstand Walk

125ft. Shuttle Run

Time Cap: 20 Minutes

– The handstand walk should be completed in a 25ft. section marked off every 5ft. Athletes will be required to complete at least 5ft. unbroken at a time.

– The shuttle run should also be completed in a 25ft. section. Both feet will need to cross over the line and 1 hand must make contact with the floor in order for each rep to count. Athletes will complete a total of 5 lengths.

– Score: Total time it takes to complete all 10 rounds.