CrossFit – Tue, Sep 26


CrossFit – Tue, Sep 26

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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30s Banded Hamstring Stretch (Each Leg)

30s Push-Up To Down Dog

1:00 Active Spiderman

1:00 Active Twisted Cross

Hang Power Clean (Set 1: 10 Hang Power Cleans @ 60%
Set 2: 8 Hang Power Cleans @ 70%
Set 3: 6 Hang Power Cleans @ 75%
Set 4: 4 Hang Power Cleans @ 80%
Set 5: Max Hang Power Cleans @ 50%

Rest 2-3 Minutes Between Sets. )


– All sets should be completed unbroken.

– The last set will be a max unbroken set.

– All percentages are based off your 1RM power clean (not hang power clean). This is intentional.

– Score: Enter reps completed for your last set.


With An Empty Barbell:

5 Good Mornings

5 Elbow Rotations

5 Deadlifts

5 Hang Power Cleans

With A Light Weight:

5 Hang Power Cleans

With A Moderate Weight:

3 Hang Power Cleans

Build To 60%

Front Squat (
On the 2:00 x 5 Sets:
1 Front Squat

*Use The Same Weight Across


– Aim to complete the 5×1 at 90% (or higher) or something slightly heavier than last week’s 5×2.

– Barbell should come from a rack.

– If you finish all 5 sets and want to go for a heavy single, add an additional 4-6 minutes to the clock.

– Score: Enter loading used across.


1:00 Bottom Of Air Squat Hold

10 Air Squats

30s Empty Barbell Bottom of Front Squat Hold

10 Empty Barbell Front Squats

5 Front Squats (Light Weight)

3 Front Squats (Moderate Weight)

Build To Working Weight

T.U.P. (Time)

15-12-9-6-3 Reps For Time

Power Cleans (135/95 lb)


Front Squats (135/95 lb)

In honor of, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Michael H. Simpson, of San Antonio, Texas, died May 1, 2013
To learn more about T.U.P. click here

– Overview: In this Hero workout, athletes will be challenged to hold on for bigger sets of front squats and to plan their break up strategy for the power cleans and pull-ups based off of what will allow them to stick to their front squat strategy.

– Power Cleans: Loading should not exceed 60% of your 1RM clean. Singles and/or sets are encouraged in this workout.

– Pull-Ups: Athletes should be able to complete 8 or more pull-ups unbroken when fresh to complete reps as prescribed. Reps can be performed with or without a kip.

– Front Squats: Athletes should be able to complete every round in 1-2 sets.

– Score: Total Time


– Singles or small sets on the cleans will help save the arms for the pull-ups as well as keep the heart rate under better control. If you are confident in your pull-up capacity, feel free to push for some bigger sets here.

– The pull-ups will depend on the athlete but for those who tend to struggle with gymnastics, let’s shoot for smaller quick sets. For those who excel at gymnastics, let’s see if we can go for some bigger sets.

– Regardless of your gymnastics, all athlete should strive to hang on for 1-2 sets on the front squats each round.



– Reduce Loading/Reps

– Hang Power Cleans

– Sub Dumbbells


– Reduce Reps

– Banded

– Strict

– Ring Rows

– Alternating Dumbbell Plank Rows


– Reduce Loading

– Reduce Reps

– Sub Dumbbells

– Sub Barbell

– 2x Air Squats