CrossFit – Tue, Mar 21


CrossFit – Tue, Mar 21

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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1:00 Active Spiderman

1:00 Front Rack Stretch

1:00 Banded Front Rack Stretch (Each Arm)

1:00 Child’s Pose On Box

Clean and Jerk

Build to Heavy Single For The Day


With An Empty Barbell:

5 Good Mornings

5 Strict Presses

5 Deadlifts

5 Power Cleans

5 Front Squats

5 Squat Cleans

5 Split Jerks

With A Light Weight:

1 Power Cleans + 1 Squat Clean + 1 Split Jerk

With A Moderate Weight:

1 Clean & Jerk

…Keep making weight jumps until you reach your heavy single for the day.

‘Kinda” (Time)



Deadlifts 102.5 / 70 kg

Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans 22.5 / 15 kg’s

Strict Handstand Push-ups

Time Cap: 20 Minutes


– Conditioning Category: Grindy Threshold. Athletes should move at their maximal sustainable pace while grinding through these movements.

– Deadlifts: Loading should not exceed 65% of you 1RM deadlift.

– Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans: Should be performed with 2 dumbbells and can be swung in between the legs or outside legs.

– Strict HSPU: Athletes should be able to complete 7 or more reps unbroken when fresh in order to complete reps as prescribed.

– Score: Total time it takes to complete the workout. If capped, add 1s for every missed rep.

– Let’s plan our strategy around the strict handstand push-ups.

– If we are confident we can complete the HSPU unbroken, we can be more aggressive on the barbell and dumbbells. Maybe shooting for unbroken sets or 1 break on the earlier rounds.

– If we know we’ll need to break up the HSPU a bit, we should be a bit more conservative on the barbell and dumbbells. Maybe going for 2-3 sets on the earlier rounds and 1 break on the later rounds.

– Let’s really try to make our transitions smooth and consistent.


5 Deadlifts

5 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans

5 Strict HSPU



– Reduce Loading

– Sub Dumbbells


– Reduce Loading

– Sub Barbell

– Sub Kettlebells


– Use Riser

– Sub Dumbbell Strict Presses

– Sub Pike Push-Ups

– Sub Push-Ups