CrossFit – Tue, Jun 20


CrossFit – Tue, Jun 20

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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30s Banded Hamstring Stretch (Each Leg)

30s Push-Up To Down Dog

1:00 Active Spiderman

1:00 Active Twisted Cross

Bench Press (
4 Sets:
12 Bench Press @ 70% 1RM

Rest 1-2 Minutes Between Sets


– Barbell should be taken from a rack.

– If you don’t have a spotter, do not use collars on the bar for safety incase you miss a rep and need to dump the bar.

– All sets should be performed unbroken at the same weight across.

– Score: Enter weights used for each set. Overall score will be the lightest weight to incentivize athletes to stick to the given percentage.


10 Push-Ups

10 Empty Barbell Bench Press

5 Reps @ Light Weight

3 Reps @ Moderate Weight

…Keep building hitting 4-5 reps at a time until you reach 70%

“Reboot” (4 Rounds for reps)

4 Rounds For Total Reps:

2 Minutes AAB Bike Calories

2 Minutes Max Reps

2 Minutes Rest

Round 1: Power Snatches 95 / 65 lb

Round 2: Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)

Round 3: Handstand Push-ups

Round 4: Calorie Row

– Overview: In this time based workout, athletes will spend 2 minutes on the echo bike followed by 2 minutes of power snatches, box jump overs, hspu, or calories on the rower. After the 4 working minutes are complete, athletes will rest 2 minutes before beginning the next round. This will be a test to see who can stay moving and accumulate the most reps.

– Power Snatches: Loading should not exceed 55% of your 1rm power snatch. Athletes should able to complete touch and go sets throughout.

– Box Jump Overs: Athletes do not need to stand fully on top of the box.

– Handstand Push-Ups: Athletes should mark a 30 inch line that is 10 inches away from the wall. The hands should stay in contact with this line throughout. Reps can be performed with or without a kip.

– Score: Enter total reps (calories + reps) completed each round. Overall score will be the sum total.


– Aim to complete the same number of calories on the bike each round.

– Athletes can aim to bank lots of reps on the power snatches, box jump overs, and potentially the hspu. Athletes will gain the least amount of reps on the rower.

– As a starting point, athletes can aim for 20+ power snatches, 40+ box jump overs, and 24/20+ calories on the rower. The sou reps will depend on your capacity but as a starting point, we can aim for 20+ reps.

– Smaller, quick sets on the power snatches and hspu may be helpful in managing fatigue and the heart rate.

“Grunt Work” 6.20.23 Extra Credit (Time)

4 Rounds For Time:

25 Wallballs 30 / 20 lb to 10/9ft.

100 Meter Famers Carry 70 / 50 lb’s

– Wallballs: Performed at a heavier weight than usual. Athletes should still be able to complete every round in 4 sets or less. Reps should take less than 2:00 to complete.

– Farmers Carry: Performed with heavier dumbbells. Atheltes should be able to complete the carry in 1-3 sets in less than 2:00 each round.

– Score: Total time