CrossFit – Thu, Aug 17


CrossFit – Thu, Aug 17

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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Thursday is an active recovery or rest day in our programming. An active recovery WOD will be posted, but class time will be run as open gym and can also be used as a make up day.

PLEASE continue to reserve classes through the Wodify app and cancel classes you are unable to make.


Thursday 30 Mobility

2:00 Child’s Pose

2:00 Shoulder to Floor (1:00 Each Side)

2:00 Wrist Stretches

2:00 Kneeling Front Rack Stretch

2:00 Down Dog

2:00 Couch Stretch (Each Side)

2:00 Pigeon Pose (Each Side)

2:00 Spiderman Hold (Each Side)

2:00 Frog Stretch

2:00 Straddle Stretch

“Brick & Mortar” (Time)

On the 3:00 x 7 Rounds:

500/400 Meter Row

12 Toes to Bar

– Overview: In this higher intensity interval workout, athletes should aim to push the pace each round but should also aim to finish each round in roughly the same amount of time. Athletes should have at least 30s or rest between rounds.

– Row: Should take 2:00 or less to complete each round.

– Toes To Bar: Should take 30s or less to complete.

– Score: Enter how long each round takes to complete. Overall score will be the slowest round.