CrossFit – Mon, May 22


CrossFit – Mon, May 22

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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30s Banded Hamstring Stretch (Each Leg)

30s Push-Up To Down Dog

1:00 Active Spiderman

1:00 Active Twisted Cross

“Legless Rope Climbs” (Time)

For Time (10 Minute Cap):

10 Legless Rope Climbs (15ft.)

– Athletes will rest as needed between reps.

– Score: Total time. If capped, add 1s for every missed rep.



– Reduce Reps/Rope Height

– Regular Rope Climbs

– 5 Strict Chin-Ups = 1 Rope

– 5 TTB = 1 Rope

– 6 Alternating Double Dumbbell Rows = 1 Rope

Snatch (Squat Snatch
6 Sets:
Set 1: 1 Snatch @ 81%

Set 2: 1 Snatch @ 83%

Set 3: 1 Snatch @ 85%

Set 4: 1 Snatch @ 83%

Set 5: 1 Snatch @ 85%

Set 6: 1 Snatch @ 88%
*Rest 1-2 minutes between sets)


– All reps should be squat snatches.

– Weights will work up, then come back down, then work back up again.

– Score: Enter weights used for each set.


With An Empty Barbell…

5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts

5 Snatch High Pulls

5 Muscle Snatches

5 Overhead Squats

5 Power Snatches

5 Squat Snatches

At A Light Weight…

3 Squat Snatches

At A Moderate Weight…

2 Squat Snatches

Keep making weight jumps until you reach 81%.

Overhead Squat (Build To A Heavy Single


– The barbell should come from a rack.

– We aren’t necessarily looking to PR but if it’s there, go for it!

– We suggest performing no more than 5 attempts.

– Score: Heaviest single.

“Overdrive” (Time)



Overhead Squats 52 / 38 kg

Burpee Box Jumps (24″/20″)

– Conditioning Category: Athletes should aim for unbroken overhead squats throughout and pace the burpee box jumps accordingly. Looking for threshold pace here throughout with a little kick at the end.

– Overhead Squats: Loading should not exceed 70% of your 1RM overhead squat. Reps should be completed unbroken each round.

– Burpee Box Jumps: Athletes should face the box during the burpee and fully stand on the top of the box before coming down. Athletes can jump or step down off the box.

– Score: Total time it takes to complete the workout.


– Aim for unbroken overhead squats. If one break is needed in round 8/7 that is okay but let’s make that break quick!

– Pace the burpee box jumps in a way that is sustainable throughout the workout.

– Transitions will be key in this workout.



– Reduce Loading

– Sub Single Dumbbell

– Front Squats

– 2x Air Squats


– Reduce Box Height

– Burpee Box Step-Ups

– Burpees Only

– Box Jumps Only

– Burpee Box Jump Overs

“Gymnastic Conditioning” Extra Credit (Time)

3 Rounds For Time:

50 GHD Sit-ups

30/24 Calore Row

100ft. Handstand Walk