CrossFit – Mon, Jan 9


CrossFit – Mon, Jan 9

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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1:00 Active Spiderman

1:00 Front Rack Stretch

1:00 Banded Front Rack Stretch (Each Arm)

1:00 Child’s Pose On Box

Split Jerk (Build to a 1RM)

– Barbell can come from a rack.

– Athletes are not required to re-rack the bar after reaching lockout. Feel free to drop from the top instead.

– Score: Enter heaviest successful lift.


20s Handstand Hold

20s Empty Barbell Overhead Hold

10 Empty Barbell Strict Presses

8 Empty Barbell Push Presses

6 Empty Barbell Push Jerks

4 Empty Barbell Split Jerks


Build to your heavy single as you hit split jerk singles from a rack.

Bar Muscle-ups

Bar Muscle-up Benchmark

Max Unbroken Bar Muscle-ups

– Athletes will need to keep their hands on the bar throughout.

– Athletes will need to remain locked out on top of the bar (no resting on the hips or stomach.

– If you max set is less than 5, use a band, complete a max set of chest to bar, or take 10 minutes to just purely practice.

– Score: Total reps completed.


– Banded BMU

– Chest To Bar

– Pull-Ups

– Feet Elevated Ring Rows

MC: Nasty Girls V2 (Time)

3 Rounds for time of:

50 alternating pistols

7 Muscle-Ups

10 Hang Power Cleans, 175# / 115#
Time Cap: 18 minutes

– Conditioning Category: Threshold. Athletes will move at their maximal sustainable pace throughout.

– Single Leg Squats: Alternate legs every rep. Reps should be completed in less than 3:00.

– Ring Muscle-Ups: Reps should be completed in 3 sets or less and in less than 2:00.

– Hang Power Cleans: Loading should not exceed 70% of your 1RM hang power clean. Reps should be completed in less than 1:30.

– Score: Time it takes to complete the workout. If capped, add 1s for every missed rep.


– Athletes should settle into a steady pace on the pistols. These are a challenging movement for many athletes so being deliberate and making sure to hit every rep is key here and less important than speed.

– If you can go unbroken on the muscle-ups. This will be a big separator. If that’s not in the card, 1-2 quick breaks works great. Be sure to control the rings on the way down so that you won’t have to fumble around trying to hop back up.

– Again, if you can go unbroken on the hang cleans, this will be another separator. Aim to hold on but 2 sets works great here too.

Remember that right after the cleans is the single leg squats where we can recover a bit.