CrossFit – Fri, Oct 20


CrossFit – Fri, Oct 20

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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30s PVC Pass Throughs

30s PVC Around The Worlds (Right)

30s PVC Around The Worlds (Left)

1:00 Frog Stretch

1:00 Boot Strappers

Power Snatch (
On the 2:00 x 5 Sets:
2 Power Snatches

*Use The Same Weight Across


– Reps can be completed touch and go or as singles.

– All sets should be completed at the same weight.

– Athletes should aim to use 85-90% of their 1RM power snatch across or something slightly heavier than last weeks 5×3.

– Score: Enter the weight used across.


With An Empty Barbell:

5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts

5 Snatch Grip High Pulls

5 Muscle Snatches

5 Snatch Grip Push Jerks (From Back Rack)

5 Power Snatches

With A Light Weight…

3 Power Snatches

With A Moderate Weight…

3 Power Snatches

Build To Working Weight

“More Power to You” (No Measure)

“More Power To You!”

For Time [Partition However]:

45/36 Calorie Bike Erg

45 Power Snatches 95 / 65 lb

45 Pull-ups

Time Cap: 10 Minutes
– Overview: This workout can be completed in any order you’d like. Grip and shoulder fatigue will be major factors here.

– Bike: Should be completed in 3:00 or less (total).

– Power Snatches: Should be completed in 3:30 or less (total). Loading should not exceed 60% of your 1RM power snatch.

– Pull-Ups: Should be completed in 3:30 or less (total).

– Score: Total time. If capped, add 1s for every incomplete rep


– Athletes should be mindful that the power snatches and the pull-ups are going to directly interfere with one another.

– Choose a strategy that is going to keep you moving throughout.

Some potential break-up strategies:

3 Rounds:

15 Pull-Ups

15 Power Snatches

15/12 Cal Bike



Power Snatches

Cal Bike (Ladies do 6 cals each round)

3 Rounds:

15 Pull-Ups

8/6 Cal Bike

15 Power Snatches

7/6 Cal Bike

3 Rounds:

8 Pull-Ups

4/3 Cal Bike

8 Power Snatches

4/3 Cal Bike


3 Rounds:

7 Pull-Ups

4/3 Cal Bike

7 Power Snatches

3 Cal Bike



– Reduce Reps

– 45/36 Cal Row

– 36/28 Cal Assault or Echo Bike

– 36/28 Cal Ski

– 36/28 Cal Air Run

– 600m Run


– Reduce Loading

– Hang Power Snatches

– Dumbbell Power Snatches

– Kettlebell Swings


– Reduce Reps

– Banded

– Strict

– Ring Rows

– Alternating Dumbbell Plank Rows