CrossFit – Fri, May 5


CrossFit – Fri, May 5

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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30s PVC Pass Throughs

30s PVC Around The Worlds (Right)

30s PVC Around The Worlds (Left)

1:00 Frog Stretch

1:00 Boot Strappers

Snatch (Build To A Heavy Set of 3)


– Athletes must complete these reps unbroken (touch and go).

– All reps should be squat snatches.

– We recommend no more than 5 attempts at your heavy set of 3.

– Score: Heaviest successful set of 3.


With An Empty Barbell…

5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts

5 Snatch High Pulls

5 Muscle Snatches

5 Overhead Squats

5 Power Snatches

5 Squat Snatches

At A Light Weight…

3 Squat Snatches

At A Moderate Weight…

3 Squat Snatches

Keep making weight jumps until you reach a weight where you’d like to attempt your first heavy set of 3.

Back Squat (6 Sets:
Set 1: 10 Back Squats @ 55%

Set 2: 8 Back Squats @ 64%

Set 3: 6 Back Squats @ 73%

Set 4: 10 Back Squats @ 58%

Set 5: 8 Back Squats @ 67%
Set 6: 6 Back Squats @ 76%
*Set 1-2 Minutes between sets)


– Barbell should come from a rack.

– Pauses between reps are permitted with the bar held in the back rack position.

– Notate heavy set of 6 and other weights in notes.

“Third Eye Blind” (Time)

4 Rounds For Time:

30 Dumbbell Snatches 53/35lb

20/15 Calorie AAB

10 Box Jumps (30″/24″)

– Overview: In this cyclical workout, athletes can aim to stay moving and settle into a steady sustainable pace throughout these 4 rounds.

– Dumbbell Snatches: Athletes should use 1 dumbbell and alternate arms every rep. Reps should take less than 1:15 to complete.

– Air Assault Bike: Athletes should be able to complete the bike cals in less than 1:30.

– Box Jumps: Athletes should stand all the way up on top of the box. Reps should be completed in less than 30s. No rebounding.

– Score: Total time it takes to complete the workout.


– Aim to complete the dumbbell snatches unbroken. Muscle snatches will be slightly faster than traditional power snatches here.

– Settle into a steady pace on the bike. Athletes should aim to complete 12/10 calories a minute which means the bike will take 1:30 or less to complete each round.

– The box jumps can be used to help recover a bit. No need to rush here.


– Reduce Loading/Reps

– Kettlebell Swings

– Empty Barbell Hang Power Snatches


– Reduce Calories

– 20/15 Cal Assault Bike

– 20/15 Cal Ski

– 27/20 Cal Bike Erg or Row

– 20 Burpees

– 12 Shuttle Runs (25ft. Out + 25ft. Back)

– 300m Run


– Reduce Box Height

– Step-Ups

– Broad Jumps

– 20 Jumping Lunges