CrossFit – Fri, Jun 30


CrossFit – Fri, Jun 30

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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30s KB Lat Smash (Each Side)

30s Banded Ankle Stretch (Each Side)

30s KB Calf Smash (Each Side)

30s Banded Pass Throughs

Clean and Jerk (
Build To A Heavy Triple


– On 5.19.2023 we built to a heavy double. Reference this score if you’d like to help give you a goal weight for today.

– These can be squat or power cleans as well as split or push jerks. We suggest a squat clean & split jerk.

– Reps do not need to be performed touch and go.The barbell may be dropped between each clean and jerk.

– Score: Enter heaviest successful attempt.

With An Empty Barbell:

5 Good Mornings

5 Strict Presses

5 Deadlifts

5 Power Cleans

5 Front Squats

5 Squat Cleans

5 Split Jerks

With A Light Weight:

3 Clean and Jerks

With A Moderate Weight:

2 Clean and Jerks

…Keep making weight jumps until you are ready to attempt your heavy triple.

Back Squat (Set 1: 5 Back Squats @ 50%
Set 2: 3 Back Squats @ 60%
Set 3: 2 Back Squats @ 70%
Set 4: 1 Back Squat @ 75%
Set 5: 1 Back Squat @ 80%
Set 6: Max Back Squats @ 85%

Rest 1-2 minutes between sets)


– Barbell should come from a rack.

– Pauses between reps are permitted with the bar held in the back rack position.

– The last set of back squats should be a max set. Athletes can aim for 5 or more reps.

– Score: Enter reps completed for your max set.


1:00 Bottom Of Air Squat Hold

10 Air Squats

30s Empty Barbell Bottom of Back Squat Hold

10 Empty Barbell Back Squats

5 Back Squats (Light Weight)

3 Back Squats (Moderate Weight)

…Keep building in sets of 2-3 reps until you are reach 50%

“Strict weighted Pull-ups” (Weight)

Build to a heavy set of 5

– Use a weight belt or squeeze a dumbbell between the legs.

– Reps should be completed unbroken.

– If you are unable add any weight, use bands.

– Score: Load

Hotshots 19 (Time)

6 Rounds for time of:

30 Squats

19 Power Cleans, 135# / 95#

7 Strict Pull-ups

400m Run

– Overview: In this long and grindy hero workout, athletes will need to pace themselves right from the start. Breaking up the cleans and the pull-ups in a way that athletes can stick to throughout all 6 rounds will be key.

– Air Squats: Reps should be completed in 1:15 or less.

– Power Cleans: Loading should not exceed 65% of their 1RM power clean. Reps should be completed in 1:00 or less.

– Strict Pull-Ups: Reps should be completed in 1:00 or less.

– Run: Each run should take 2:15 or less.

– Score: Total Time

– Settle into a steady pace on the air squats. This is a great place to catch your breath in this workout.

– Singles on the power cleans right from the start is a great option in this workout. Another great option is to alternate between touch and go sets and singles to help move through the cleans a little faster.

– Singles on the strict pull-ups is also a great option if these tend to break down quickly for you. Another option could be to hold on for 4-5 reps, then take a quick break, then finish out the last 2-3 reps as singles.

– Let’s find a steady pace on the 400m runs. The only run we really want to push is the very last one.