CrossFit – Fri, Aug 4


CrossFit – Fri, Aug 4

Lowry CrossFit – CrossFit

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30s KB Lat Smash (Each Side)

30s Banded Ankle Stretch (Each Side)

30s KB Calf Smash (Each Side)

30s Banded Pass Throughs

Power Snatch (
3 Sets [Building To Heavy]:
10 Power Snatches

*Rest 1-2 Minutes Between Sets
*Start First Working Set @ 65%


– Power snatches should be performed touch and go.

– All reps should be caught above parallel.

– Use one barbell and change out the weights.

– Score: Enter heaviest set of 10.


With An Empty Barbell:

5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts

5 Snatch Grip High Pulls

5 Muscle Snatches

5 Snatch Grip Push Jerks (From Back Rack)

5 Power Snatches

With A Light Weight…

5 Power Snatches

With A Moderate Weight…

3 Power Snatches

*Build to 65%

“Drive, Chip and Putt” (Time)

For Time:

50 Power Snatches 95 / 65 lb

30 Bar-Facing Burpees

1,000/800 Meter Row

Time Cap: 15 Minutes

– Overview: In this grindy chipper, athletes will inch their way through each movement. Let’s see if we can push the pace while being mindful of the work that still lies ahead. Focus on the breath and keep the heart rate under control throughout.

– Power Snatches: Reps should take 4:00 or less to complete. Loading should not exceed 55% of your 1RM power snatch.

– Bar-Facing Burpees: Reps should take 4:00 or less to complete.

– Row: The total distance should take 4:30 or less to complete.

– Score: Time


– Let’s see if we can hold on for some bigger sets on the barbell today. Unbroken, 2 sets (35-15), 3 sets (25-15-10), 4 sets (15-15-10-10), or 5 sets (12-11-10-9-8) are some possible break up strategies. Let’s choose the option that allows for quick breaks.

– Settle into a steady pace on the burpees. The shoulders will feel a bit fatigued from the barbell so we can except the first few burpees to be a little bit on the slower side.

– Let’s aim to ramp up our speed on the rower every 200m.



– Reduce Loading/Reps

– Hang Power Snatches

– Sub Dumbbell(s)

– Kettlebell Swings


– Reduce Reps

– Bar-Facing Burpees (With Step Over)

– Lateral Barbell Burpees

– Regular Burpees

– 30/24 Calories On Any Machine

1,000/800 METER ROW

– Reduce Meters

– 800/650m Ski

– 2,000/1,600m Bike (Any Bike)

– 800m Run

– 600m Air Run