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  • Check Out Our Gym Near You


Lowry is a boutique CrossFit gym, that focuses in on building strength and improving fitness while fostering a diverse community. Our strength as a gym is our community. We have small group classes and the environment is intimate and personal, ensuring that every member gets the proper attention from an experienced coach. We also nurture people from all ends of the fitness spectrum. Our classes have a mix of people from experienced CrossFitters, to those who are just starting CrossFit. We have been in business since the beginning of 2013 and our members constantly refer to us as the LCF family. Building Strength and Fitness through community is what Lowry CrossFit is all about.


We are not your typical gym. Not a spa. We are a box, stripped down from all the pretty stuff. When we workout, we sweat. Hard. We grunt. We achieve. We excel. We are a community. A Family.

We’re made up of moms, dads, business professionals, military, law enforcement, students, who, like you, are motivated to train hard. Our community is a diverse group of like minded people, who all come together with similar goals. We work together, we learn, we help, we compete and we challenge each other and most importantly ourselves.


The aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness. At Lowry CrossFit, our strength and conditioning program is designed to make you strong and functionally fit. Our focus is on improving functional movements that are necessary and common in our day to day activities, like picking up your children, shoveling snow or moving furniture- really any physical activity.

You can expect constantly varied movements, executed at high intensity. Our programming combines Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Plyometrics, Rowing, Running, High Intensity Cardio and really anything that will get your heart rate going! The workouts are structured to last one hour, we take care of the programming and your job is to work hard, be humble, support your peers and have fun!

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