Team WOD (teams of 2)
Men use 115#/Women #75
With a 45#/33# bar do 50 Thrusters each.  Bar never touches the ground, you must pass it between partners.  If bar touches the ground, 5 burpees each.
When finished, load the bar up with your weight BUT the bar may never touch the ground.  Each person grabs an end and walk/run 2 laps with the bar at your hip only.  If you drop or set the bar down, 5 burpees each.  At the end of second lap do 50 Sit-ups each on rubber mats with your feet hooked around the plate.
Pick up the bar and continue to do two more laps.  Again, anytime the bar is set down, 5 burpees each.  When you return back to the mats do 25 push-ups each with your hands on the bar.  Resting position will be in a plank with arms locked out.  5 burpee penalty.
Finish by doing 25 pull-ups each.  One person working at a time.

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  1. Ben

    This looks way to complicated. First time you’ve ever posted pictures to explain a WOD. I’m in.