Starting Wednesday New 4 week cycle for squat strength.  Many CrossFitters have low numbers on squats compared to other lifts, and a strong squat will improve all aspects of what we do.   Squats will be done on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays for Four weeks using one of the most feared squat routines Smolov.  This will be the Junior version.  If you miss a day I would strongly recommend making it up on an open gym day.


Save this link or web address for a quick reference.  Squat Calculator




Dead lift: 3X10 – heaviest possible, rest 3 full minutes.


For time:

30 Handstand push-ups (regionals standard)
40 Pull-ups
50 KBS 24/16kg
60 Sit-ups (Ab-Mat, anchored)
70 Burpees

*Strict 20 minute cap.

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