Team WOD

“Mission Mile”
Run 1 mile as a team (2-3 member teams) 3.75 Laps
with a pair of kettlebells stopping
every 400 mtrs to complete 15 thrusters each.
Carry weight any way you like

*Post WOD finisher
100 Hollow Rocks/ 100 Superman Rocks

Amino formula for cartlidge, collagen, connective tissue and blood vessel repair/health

Twice a week pre-bed on days when I have an empty stomach at that time I take:

Vitamin C
Vitamine C (ascorbic acid) works as a coenzyme to convert proline and lysine to hydroxy-proline and hydroxy-lysine, both important to the collagen structure.
Proline and lysine must be hydroxylated into hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine in order for collagen to have proper strength and structure. Symptoms of defective synthesis would include pain in limbs and general weakening of collagen in tendons and bones.Vitamin C is essential for hydroxylating proline and lysine. Collagen synthesized in the absence of vitamin C is usually insufficiently hydroxylated and thus less stable and easily destroyed.The cofactor manganese is needed for glycolysation of specific hydroxylysine residues and a copper-dependent cross linking though lysl and hydroxylysyl derivatives. The stability of collagen depends on the hydroxyproline content and on the lysine-hydroxylysl cross-links.Ratio: 1.2/3/3/

Total daily is:

1.2 grams of L-Proline
3 grams of L-Lysine
3 grams of Vitamin C

in three to six divided doses.

This formula was recommended by Linus Pauling and supported by Dr. Rath who recommends the addition of EgCG, specifically to support healthy blood vessels.


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